5V7EI DXpedition 2019

(March 14th - 26th 2019) 

by EIDX Group

*Qualifying Station*

EI0HQ - IARU Contest
EI DX Group.
This was the 1st activity of the newly formed EIDX Group.​​
We secured the use of the EI0HQ callsign and were the only HeadQuarter station from Echo India in 2016.

9N7EI DXpedition
March 2017 saw the EIDX Group bring you the 9N7EI DXpedition to Nepal. Operating high up the Himalyas, we netted over 30,000 QSOs thus being listed in the GDXF Mega DXpeditions Honour Roll

The EIDX Group was formed in early 2016 with the aim of forming an EI DXpedition team and to promote DX activity in Echo India.​​
With over 30 members consisting of Ireland's most prominent DXers and contesters, we are proud to be Ireland's foremost DX Group.  We now also have several International members too!

7Q7EI DXpedition

Our 2nd DXpedition brought us 12 wonderful days of operating from the shores of Lake Malawi, logging over 38,000 QSOs on all bands and modes including the latest FT8 mode. 
DX Féile 2018
Féile is a word taken from the Irish language (Gaelic) and translates into English as 'Festival'. 
September 2018 saw the 2nd DX Festival take place in Echo India and the EIDX Group are proud to host this annual DX event. Our chosen location is even quite exciting as it takes place on Inis Mór Island, Co.Galway...IOTA EU-006!
World renouned DXpeditioners G3XTT, F5UFX, along with EI2II, EI9HQ, EI6FR & EI5GM brought a weekend of DX talks/presentations from Z66X, 3B7A, 7Q7EI, Irish Islands IOTA Tour etc....for a DX packed event. 

DX Féile 2019

​​DX Féile 2018 was a huge success and as a result, we are delighted to formally announce the dates for next year's DX Féile 2019. We have brought the dates forward to September 20th & 21st 2019.
Yes, it is the same excellent venue as before, Aran Islands Hotel, Inis Mór, Co.Galway, IOTA EU-006! 
Booking details and programme coming shortly. 
Keep an eye on www.dxfeile.ie for updates.

Irish Islands IOTA Tour​

Throughout the Summer of 2018, members of the EIDXG activated all Irish IOTA Groups..........
EU-006, EU-007, EU-103, EU-115 & EU-121.

There were several agendas for creating a unique project like this. To activate every Irish IOTA group within the one season had never been done before. It had been several years since some Island groups had even been activated!
With the aid of Ken RW3DD, we also offered a plaque to those who worked us on 4 out 5 island groups. Sporting our EJ0DXG & EI0DXG callsigns, we netted over 33,000 QSOs in total.
We have sourced an ideal venue, right on the banks of the Atlantic Ocean to conduct this DXpedition. Situated immediately on the shoreline, we will have hundreds of meters of beachfront at our disposal to compliment our antenna farm. Naturally, we have carefully chosen the most suitable antennas for this location and feel that this is the best DX location in Togo to operate from.

Propagation Predictor

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Icom IC-7300

Acom 1010

Due to our 9N7EI & 7Q7EI  success, again we will operate with 5 x Icom IC-7300 radios. These performed flawlessly during our DXpeditions and we are excited to be using them again in this DXpedition enviornment.
Really, in our eyes, there is only one proven amplifier to use when DXpeditioning. Again, we will be operating exclusively with the Acom 1010 amplifier. This robust amplifier suits our needs perfectly and is an ultra reliable amplifier.



SP7IDX Technology Hexbeams

Bandpass filters

Operating from the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, we have carefully chosen the following antennas to compliment our stations:
2 x Hexbeam antennas (SP7IDX Technology)
Full set of Monoband vertical dipoles              
      1 x 40m Vertical + 1 x 40m dipole                             
1 x 80m Verical (18m with 64 radials)               
1 x 160m Inverted L ( K9AY loop for RX)          
Naturally, when working in a multi transmitter enviornment, one must install band pass filters. Here we are using a full set of Dunestar filters between the TX and amp, however, we are also using  High Power YU1CF filters on the output of the amp to reduce interstation interferrence.
  1. Accommodation
  2. Gardens
  3. Beach
  4. Rooms
  5. Garden
  6. Beach
  7. Beach
  8. Aerial View
  9. Grounds
  10. Shack
  11. Beach
  12. Aerial View
  13. Lots of Space
  14. Beach Hut
On-Line Log
Sponsors / Support
QSL info / OQRS

Charles will then uploade the entire log to CLUBLOG each day.

Please direct any log enquiries directly to Charles. If in doubt over a QSO, then please try to work us again.
QSL Policy........

Please follow carefully the instructions of our QSL manager in order to receive your QSL card promptly. 

Do NOT send your QSL via the Buro...we will NOT receive it! If you do require a Buro card, we are delighted to send you one...just request via our OQRS page and follow the simple steps.

Whoever Supports with over $20 to our project, we will send them a 'FREE QSL' with our compliments - it's our way of saying thanks!